World’s biggest airports seen by satellites

Air traffic and its evolution is a very interesting indicator for a region’s dynamism. According to Wikipedia (link), the world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic includes airports in North America, Asia, and Europe. Here are the ten top airports as seen by satellites orbiting the earth at more than 700km!  Images shown here are available free of charge thanks to the European Copernicus program, for more information please visit here)

  1. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport  

  2. Beijing Capital International Airport  

  3. Dubai International Airport   

  4. Tokyo Haneda Airport   

  5. Los Angeles International Airport   

  6. O’Hare International Airport   

  7. London Heathrow Airport   

  8. Hong Kong International Airport   

  9. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

  10. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport   

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