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Egypt is one of the major middle east destinations. Blessed by a very nice weather and a great geographic location, the amazing choice Egypt offers from history, culture to desert trips and magnificent beaches makes it one of the major tourist destinations in the world. However, tourism has declined at 2011 and starting to pick up again nowadays, due to the Arab Spring revolution and the related political unrest. Tourists are currently flocking back to Egypt enjoying the large panel of travel dimensions and experiences this magnificent country offers.

Despite its long impressive history and cultural reach, Egypt is not necessarily known for its culinary experiences. If you ask native Egyptians to talk about their country they will hardly mention food, despite the richness and variety of its dishes. Typically Mediterranean country, Egypt’s cuisine is close to Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisine. Nonetheless, some of the dishes are really unique in the region. In a recent video, the Canadian blogger the food ranger traveled to Egypt and reported on some of these amazing Egyptian dishes.

We found some AMAZING Cairo Street Food!!!

Cairo Street Food!!! Make sure you follow along behind the scenes here

Gepostet von The Food Ranger am Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

While the video does not bring any specific insight into the history of the Egyptian cuisine, except for the overenthusiasm of the blogger and the amazing scores he attributes to them dishes, it goes through some of the most famous dishes. The ingredients of these dishes, like Jute leaves or fava beans shows the regional influence of the Egyptian culture into neighboring countries throughout history. For instance, the jute leaves are shared with remote countries (from Egypt) such as Thailand, while the fava beans has been introduced throughout several middle eastern countries.

Molokheya : a thick sticky soup made of minced Jute leaves and garlic. Garlic goes both in the preparation of the soup and fried on top of it before eating. It is usually served with white rice and vermicelli and typically served with rabbit meat. The preparation of jute leaves is also part of several African countries showing historical exchanges throughout the continent.


Koshari: is extremely popular in Egypt, you can see the cooks serve it in boxes in the video. It is a carb bomb as it is made of rice, two sorts of pasta, lentils and topped with spicy tomato sauce, vinegar sauce, and chickpeas. It is a vegetarian dish that brings a lot of comfort and warmth during winter! The texture and the mix of all of these things are simple and effective for a complete fulfilling meal! To our knowledge, no other country dared to mix so many carbs in one dish making it unique to Egypt.

Foul:   it is not a question of popularity here, everybody in Egypt eats food! For breakfast, lunch or dinner, foul (cooked fava beans) can be served in different varieties. It can be simply served with olive oil and lemon juice, or with meat and a whole range of seasoning. Historical proof suggests that foul was regularly eaten in Ancient Egypt, making it one of the fundamentals of Egyptian cuisine. It can be found canned in supermarkets in most capitals.


Rich in carbohydrates with multiple vegetarian dishes, the Egyptian cuisine is not a refined cuisine like the French cuisine, for example, it is rather warm and popular like most of the Meditteranean countries. Our professional Egyptian tour guides will be happy to help you discover this unique cuisine and dishes, do not hesitate to contact them the next time you are traveling to Egypt!

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